3rd -The People's Comedy, Bristol
6th- 2ND New Act Competition, The Big City
9th - Stand up Literature, Brighton Komedia
11 - 12th - Clown school, Cheltenham
13th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

15th - Cirkus

16th - Bromsgrove
18th - Matinee and Eve, The Playhouse, Oxford

23rd- The Laugh Lounge BBC Radio Oxford

25th - Sheena's Palance
25th - Jericho Comedy

27th - SEXISTENTIALISM, 21:00, The Albany, The Big City

29th - Cirkus, Oxford

30th- Oxford Union Comedy Debate


1st - MCing Jericho Comedy
2nd - SEXISTENTIALISM, 15:00, Network Theatre

3rd - Camden Comedy Club, The Big City
4th - Komedia New Act Semi-final, Brighton
7th - Suffering, Oxford
7th - Stand up Literature, Oxford
8th - Mental Illness Night, Canterbury

14th - Valentine's, Jericho Comedy, Jericho Tavern

15th - Comedy at Work, Shilton, Oxfordshire

16th - SEXISTENTIALISM, This Next Act, Bristol
19th - SEXISTENTIALISM, Leicester Comedy Festival

22nd - Matt Hoss, Tour Support, Wimbledon

24th - 2ND New Act Semifinal 2

29th - MCing Jericho Comedy


2nd- Bath Comedy Festival Opening Gala

5th - Mirth Control, Warwickshire
6th - Cherry Reds, Birmingham

7th - MCing Jericho Comedy

8th - Co-hosting The Laugh Lounge on International Women's Day, BBC Radio Oxfordshire

9th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

10th - College Comedy, St Hugh's, Oxford

11th - Mirth Control, Farnham

13th - MCing Jericho Comedy, Jericho Tavern

16th - GoodShip Comedy, The Big City

18th - Comedy Crate, Northampton
19th - Glee, Birmingham

27th - SEXISTENTIALISM Preview Leicester

28th - Towcester

31st - SEXISTENTIALISM Preview, Bath


6th - 10th Gaulier Clown School, Dublin

7th - Workman's Club, Dublin

8th - RiffRaff, Dublin
24th- Stand up Art, Oxford

26th - Sexistentialism Preview, Stag & Hounds Old Market, Bristol 16.40

30th - Chippenham Comedy Club


4th - British Comedian of the Year Competition, Biggleswade

5th - Full Frontal Comedy, Berkshire

7th - SEXISTENTIALISM Preview, Brighton

22nd - Hungerford Comedy Club, Hungerford

11th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

14th - Backyard Comedy Club, The Big City

22nd- DAYTIME Festival

22nd- Hungerford Comedy Club
24th - SEXISTENTIALISM Preview, Cambridge, 4pm, Thirsty
28th - SEXISTENTIALISM Preview, Brighton
29th - SEXISTENTIALISM Preview, Brighton



3rd - Brewery Comedy, Leighton Buzzard
4th - Lewes, The Big City

11th - Comedy Caper, Brighton
30th- SEXISTENTIALISM Preview, Hoxton, The Big City


12th - Sexistentialism, Hoxton, The Big City

13th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

30th - Brewery Comedy, St Albans

9th - Swindon Drive In
10th - Laugh-able, Zoom

17th - Comedy @TheDriveIn- Birmingham
18th - Jericho Comedy, Drive In- The Oxford Artisan Distillery

22nd- Drive In Comedy, Sandon Hall

25th- Jericho Comedy, Drive In- The Oxford Artisan Distillery

28th- Chops Comedy Online


16th- New Online Comedian of the Year Heat, Zoom

17th - Comedy Outdoors, Bracknell
20th - Punting Comedy Show Oxford

22nd - Millets Farm, Jericho Comedy, Oxford

2nd - Brewery Comedy, Leighton Buzzard


4th - Vintage Cinema, Exeter Hall, Oxford

5th - Comedy @AtTheDriveIn, Cardiff

17th - Oxford Works, Oxford

20th- NOCY Final, Online

25th - Laughter is the Best Medicine, Andover

26th  - @thedrivein, Southampton

21:00-21:45 JTT, The Cave


2nd - Lava Elastic, Brighton

5th - College Comedy, Oxford

6th - College Comedy, Oxford
??? 6th - Pearface, Peterborough

7th - Comedy Crate, Wig & Pen, Northants

8th- Alternative Book Club, Cheltenham

16th - 

19th- Vauxhall Comedy Club, The Big City

24th- InsideOut, The Big City


???5th - Brewery Comedy, High Wycombe

6th - People's Republic of Comedy, Bristol

12th - Atic, Banbury
20th - Matt Hoss, Canterbury

21st - This Next Act, Bristol


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