Dates cancelled



Dates cancelled



9th- Cardboard News Network, online

23rd - Comedy Kerfuffle, Amesbury

27th - ***

28th - Comic Boom, Komedia, Brighton
Early and late show

29th - Unavailable


2nd - Late show, Jericho Comedy, Oxford Castle Comedy Festival. Late show after Marcus Brigstock

11th - Widcombe Social Club, Bath

14th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

19th - TOAD, Oxford

20th- This Next Act, Bristol

22nd - Dark Horse, Moseley
23rd - WORK IN PROGRESS, Brighton Fringe, 

24th - WORK IN PROGRESS Brighton Fringe,
25th - WORK IN PROGRESS, Brighton Fringe

28th - Stand up Philosophy, Bill Murray, The Big City


1st - Alverbank

2nd - Caterham

3rd - Unavailable

5th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

9th - Hosting Jericho Comedy, Restore, Oxford

18th - Sexistentialism Preview, Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol

21st - Worthing

22nd - West Berks Brewery

23rd - Marmalade Coffee shop (early show), Comedy at the speak easy (late show), Wantage

25th - Mr Wolf's, Bristol

26th - Cambridge Punting show

29th - Sexistentialism Preview, Forum Coffee House, Bath

30th - Jericho Comedy
31st - Jericho Comedy


1st - TNA, Bristol
1st - Mr Wolf's, Bristol
2nd - Cambridge Punting Show
5th - Chippenham Comedy Club

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th - Stand up Philosophy, The Ballroom, Counting House, Edinburgh Fringe

14th - 30th Unavailable 
Ecole Philippe Gaulier

21st - The Great British Comedy Night, Jardin Sauvage, Paris

28th - The Great British Comedy Night, Jardin Sauvage, Paris


1st - Comedy 43, The Big City

2nd - Bristol
2nd - Dairy Maid, Aylesbury
3rd - Prince of Wales, Covent Garden, The Big City

6th - (Hosting) Jokes & Blaggers, Bristol

9th - Glee, Birmingham

11th - Burgess Hill

12th - Alternative Book Club, Stroud

18th - Jericho Comedy, Common Ground, Oxford

19th - Stand up Philosophy, Angel, London

24th - 26th  Unavailable

27th - Komedia, Bath

29th - Comedy 43, The Big City

30th - Split preview Jared Christmas, Rondo, Bath


1st - The People's Comedy, Bristol

5th - Deep Fried Comedy Club, Mosely

7th - Brewery, High Wycombe
8th - Leicester Square New Act, The Big City

9th - Sexistentialism, Reading

10th - Sexistentialism, Women in Comedy Festival, Gullivers, Manchester

11th - Brewery Comedy, Letchworth Garden City

12th - Alternative Book Club, Cheltenham Literature Festival

14th - Crazy Bird, Stroud

16th - Unavailable

19th - Stourbridge

22nd- Annabels, Plymouth

23rd - Guildford

27th - Farcical Comedy, Hereford

28th - Comedy Chest, Bristol


1st - Leicester

2nd - Jolly Roger, Bristol
5th - 7th unavailable

8th - Reading
9th - Unavailable

12th - Museum, Oxford

17th - STEAM, The Big City
19th - Ten Feet Tall, Southampton

20th - Rugby

24th - Oxfordshire Mind AGM

26th - Hungerford Comedy Club

29th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City


2nd - Backyard, The Big City
4th - TenFeetTall Comedy, Chorley

20th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

Jan 13th Boheehee London
Feb 2nd Sexistentialism, Jokes on Us Fest, Leicester
March 19th Napton Cidery, Warwickshire