7th - Big Deal Comedy, Cambridge
8th - Huntingdon Comedy Club
10th - Wootton Bassett

13th - Boheehee, London
15th - Jericho Comedy Mind Gala, The Playhouse, Oxford Matinee & Evening
15th - Jericho Comedy, Common Ground, Oxford

21st - Chuckl, Worcester SU

25th - Giggle4Gibbs, Smoke & Mirros, Bristol
27th - The People's Comedy, Red Lion,Bristol

28th - Party at a Cube, Cube Cinema, Bristol

31st - Belly Laughs, (everywhere?) Bristol

2nd - Sexistentialism (kinda), at Leicester Comedy Festival
5th - Jericho Comedy, Restore
8th - XS Malarkey, Manchester

9th - Comedy Cow, Olney
12th - Jericho Comedy, Jam Factory
12th - Jericho Comedy, Common Ground
13th - This Next Act, Bristol
14th - Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol

16th - Worthing
17th - Sidney & Sheden, Bristol
18th - Mates Rates, Reading
20th - Off the Rails Comedy, Winchester
22nd - Comedy Loft, Bristol
24th - Comedy & Coffee, Cheltenham
25th - Wimborne Comedy Club
26th - Jericho Comedy Afternoon, Jericho Tavern, Oxford
28th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

1st - Jolly Rogers, Bristol
2nd - Attending National Comedy Awards
3rd - Fat Lils, Witney
4th - St Anthony's College, Oxford

6th - Jolly Farmers, Oxford
8th - Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol
10th - Evesham

11th - The Mildmay Club, The Big City
12th - The Hythe
13th - Mr Wolfs, Bristol
14th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City
15th - Chops, Bristol
17th - Comedy Kiln, Stoke-on-Trent

24th - Tiny Cupboard, Brooklyn New York
Grisly Pear, New York
Greenwich Village Comedy Club, New York
Broadway Comedy Club, New York

31st - Stand and Deliver, Reading

31st - Sidney and Sheden, Bristol
2nd - Inn Jokes, Bristol
6th - New Milton
7th - Warwick
11th - Preview, Buffoon, Bristol
12th - Deep Fried, Mosely
13th - Angel Comedy, The Big City

14th - Preview with Lanessa Long, Common Ground, Jericho Comedy
15th - Barnacle Comedy, Bristol
17th - Mr Wolfs
17th - TNA
19th - West End Comedy Club, The Big City
21st - The Big City
22nd- Unavailable

23rd - Cambridge Preview
April 25th - Preview, with Hannah Fairweather, West End Comedy Club
28th - Sidney and Sheden, Bristol
29th - Preview with Olga Koch, LCB Depot, Leicester
1st - MCing, Mirth, Covent Garden
3rd - Comedy & Cocktails, Leicester
4th - Angel Comedy, The Big City
5th - Alternative Book Club, Stratford Literary Festival

8th - Preview, Artista Cafe,
8th (PM) - 2in1, QED Comedy, White Horse, Oxford
10th - Preview, Artista Cafe, Brighton
12th Soho Theatre Lab
13th - Municipal Comedy, Hove
14th - Just the Tonic, Leicester

15th - Bristol Comedy Festival

16th - Circuit Breakers, Bristol
16th - Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol

17th - Preview, Artista Cafe, Brighton
18th - Preview with Ben Lund-Conlon, 2Northdown, The Big City
19th - Soho Theatre Lab
26th - Sidney and Sheden, Bristol
26th -Soho Theatre Lab
31st - Cupidity Comedy
1st - Roast, Bristol
2nd - Preview, Magpie Comedy, Bristol
2nd - Soho Theatre Lab
3rd - The People's Comedy, Bristol
th - Mac centre, Birmingham
5th - Preview with Alex Farrow, Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol
16th - Soho Theatre Lab
23rd - Soho Theatre Lab
24th - Preview, Rose & Crown, Ludlow fringe
25th - Bournemouth
26th - Coventry
28th - Gloucester
30th - Sidney and Sheden, Bristol
30th - Soho Theatre Lab

1st - How the Light Gets In, London
2nd - Mr Wolf's, Bristol
4th - Middlesbrough
6th- Helen Bauer support, Voodoo Daddy's, Norwich
8th - Helen Bauer support, Tobacco Factory, Bristol (matinee and show)
9th - Helen Bauer support, Frog & Bucket, Manchester
12th - Helen Bauer support, Glee, Birmingham
13th - Jericho Comedy, Brasenose College, Oxford
14th - Helen Bauer support, Komedia, Brighton
15th - Helen Bauer support, Cambridge Junction, Cambridge
19th- Helen Bauer support, Glee, Nottingham
20th - Helen Bauer support, Glee, Oxford
21st - Helen Bauer Support, Leeds
22nd - Helen Bauer support, York
23rd - Helen Bauer support, Hot Water, Liverpool
25th - Comedy Loft, Bristol
26th - Helen Bauer support, Leicester
27th - Helen Bauer support, Newcastle
4th - Stand up Philosophy, Bill Murray
8th - Cowgirl Comedy, Bristol
13th - XS Malarkey, Manchester
16th - Mates Rates, Reading
17th - Brewery Comedy, Twickenham
29th - Sidney & Sheden, Bristol
4th - Waterside Theatre, Aylesburt
9th - Brewery Comedy, High Wycombe
15th - West End Comedy Club, The Big City
16th - Comedy Den, Bristol
18th - Helen Bauer tour support, Maidenhead
20th - The Next, Komedia, Brighton
24th - Sidney and Sheden
24th - Charity, Leicester
26th - Stand up Philosophy, Herstmonceux Castle 
29th - The Ill Repute, Bristol

3rd - Mirth, Cheltenham
12th - Brewery Comedy, Letchworth Garden City
15th - Leighton Buzzard



Dates cancelled



Dates cancelled



9th- Cardboard News Network, online

23rd - Comedy Kerfuffle, Amesbury

27th - ***

28th - Comic Boom, Komedia, Brighton
Early and late show

29th - Unavailable


2nd - Late show, Jericho Comedy, Oxford Castle Comedy Festival. Late show after Marcus Brigstock

11th - Widcombe Social Club, Bath

14th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

19th - TOAD, Oxford

20th- This Next Act, Bristol

22nd - Dark Horse, Moseley
23rd - WORK IN PROGRESS, Brighton Fringe, 

24th - WORK IN PROGRESS Brighton Fringe,
25th - WORK IN PROGRESS, Brighton Fringe

28th - Stand up Philosophy, Bill Murray, The Big City


1st - Alverbank

2nd - Caterham

3rd - Unavailable

5th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

9th - Hosting Jericho Comedy, Restore, Oxford

18th - Sexistentialism Preview, Smoke & Mirrors, Bristol

21st - Worthing

22nd - West Berks Brewery

23rd - Marmalade Coffee shop (early show), Comedy at the speak easy (late show), Wantage

25th - Mr Wolf's, Bristol

26th - Cambridge Punting show

29th - Sexistentialism Preview, Forum Coffee House, Bath

30th - Jericho Comedy
31st - Jericho Comedy


1st - TNA, Bristol
1st - Mr Wolf's, Bristol
2nd - Cambridge Punting Show
5th - Chippenham Comedy Club

7th, 8th, 9th, 10th - Stand up Philosophy, The Ballroom, Counting House, Edinburgh Fringe

14th - 30th Unavailable 
Ecole Philippe Gaulier

21st - The Great British Comedy Night, Jardin Sauvage, Paris

28th - The Great British Comedy Night, Jardin Sauvage, Paris


1st - Comedy 43, The Big City

2nd - Bristol
2nd - Dairy Maid, Aylesbury
3rd - Prince of Wales, Covent Garden, The Big City

6th - (Hosting) Jokes & Blaggers, Bristol

9th - Glee, Birmingham

11th - Burgess Hill

12th - Alternative Book Club, Stroud

18th - Jericho Comedy, Common Ground, Oxford

19th - Stand up Philosophy, Angel, London

24th - 26th  Unavailable

27th - Komedia, Bath

29th - Comedy 43, The Big City

30th - Split preview Jared Christmas, Rondo, Bath


1st - The People's Comedy, Bristol

5th - Deep Fried Comedy Club, Mosely

7th - Brewery, High Wycombe
8th - Leicester Square New Act, The Big City

9th - Are You Listening Festival, Reading

10th - Sexistentialism, Women in Comedy Festival, Gullivers, Manchester

11th - Brewery Comedy, Letchworth Garden City

12th - Alternative Book Club, The Hive, Cheltenham Literature Festival

14th - Crazy Bird, Stroud

16th - Unavailable

17th - Stand up Philosophy, Bill Murray, Angel, The Big City

19th - Stourbridge

20th - Brewery Comedy, Leighton Buzzard 

22nd - Annabels, Plymouth

23rd - Jericho Comedy, Common Ground, Oxford

24th - TNA, Bristol
24th - TNA, Bristol

27th - Farcical Comedy, Hereford

28th - Comedy Chest, Bristol

30th - Jericho Comedy, Common Ground, Oxford


1st - Leicester

2nd - Jolly Rogers, Bristol
2nd - Zed Alley, Bristol

3rd - Sydney & Eden, Bristol

4th - Solent Comedy, Southampton
5th - 7th Unavailable

8th - Mates Rates Raw, Reading
9th - Unavailable

10th - Celya AB & friends, 2ND, The Big City

12th - Creepy Crawlies, Jericho Comedy, Museum, Oxford

14th - 7.30 Leicester Square New Act of the Year Quarter Final, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

17th - STEAM, The Big City
19th - Manford's Comedy Club, Southampton

20th - Manford's Comedy Club, Rugby

22nd - The Stand, Edinburgh

24th - Monkey Barrel, Edinburgh
7pm and 9pm

25th, 27th - Unavailable

26th - Leicester Square New Comedia of the Year Semi Final, Musem of Comedy, The Big City

28th - Unavailable

29th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

30th - Ill Repute, Bristol


1st - Box Ready comedy, Coventry
2nd - Backyard, The Big City
4th - Manford's Comedy Club, Chorley

7th - Exchange, Bristol

8th - West End Comedy Club, The Big City

12th - Stand up Philosophy, Angel Comedy Club, The Bill Murray, The Big City

13th - Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year Final, Leicester Square, The Big City

18th - Comedians Comedy Club, The Big City (early and late show)

18th - Jericho Comedy, Oxford

20th - Monday Club, Museum of Comedy, The Big City

21st - Lost Horizon, Bristol