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All my depop purchases are arriving, and in our house when post arrives we shout “PRESENTS!”. Sarah has an Amazon Prime account so often she’ll buy things for me and I’ll send her the money using reference FOR THE PRESENTS. But then I remembered she is freelance and if she ever gets investigated that will be hard to explain “oh she was paying me back for the presents I got her”.

I must be feeling low because the good buyer feedback really bolstered my self esteem. This week I go back to York for the first time since graduating. Well, I did have a 45 min stop there on the way to Edinburgh once so I thought I’d have a quick wander but when I left the station I had too many memories so got a costa and sat on the platform instead.

At a gig last this week in a very run down pub, I asked the landlord if I could use the toilet and he asked "piss or shit" then added “it’s fine if it’s a piss”.


We were outside with no mic, and when I don't have a mic I get very lateral. I think to make myself my more dominant with my impressive wingspan? Green told me this is what the red panda does. Of course Alex just had hands in his pockets leaned against the wall like James Dean. I can't even take a sip of my beer when I'm on stage in case they go off me in those three seconds.

Me and Kitty went to the Young Rembrandt exhibition at The Ashmolean. I like that he just went for his first name like Cher. I love art galleries for the first hour.

I had to remember not to wear any of my PVC trousers because of how noisy they are. A book of Rembrandt’s self-portraits was for sale in the gift shop- cultural. When Kim Kardashian released her bestselling book of hundreds selfies it was widely denigrated, but you have to remember a picture is worth a thousand words so that’s actually the longest book ever published so SHOW IT SOME DAMN RESPECT! It’s sad Keeping up with the Kardashian’s is ending, what will happen to my material?

After the gallery, we went for brunch outside but had to retreat indoors because it’s that season when wasps have nothing left to lose. Did you know Anastacia has 1.6million monthly listeners and I'm one of them?

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