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I’m banned from microwave popcorn.

Alex says just do it for less time but it’s not less time this microwave is too powerful; it’s the waves!

All we do now is walks and play Among Us. Port Meadow is now Oxford’s hottest ticket right now, it’s like the coolest place in town. Everyone is there day or night, it’s the place to be seen.

I rewatched a Mary-Kate and Ashley film this weekend when I couldn’t sleep. It was incredible because Mary-Kate’s character Roxy plays this Avril Lavigne type and makes out with a guy with messy hair (everything I wanted when I was 12). Ashley’s character makes out with a guy who is 25, she is 17. Weirdly, so is Mary Kate.

It was also terrible. One character is a white man who speaks with a (I’m gonna say Pan-Asian) accent which is not excused despite the meta-jokes. And then the girls go into ‘House of Bling’ and there’s a record scratch moment where they realise it’s an all black hairdressers and one of them says “we’re so not in Kansas anymore”. Ashley at one points berates Mary-Kate for giving to the homeless. Also, as in nearly all of the Olsen films, one or both of them have lost one or both parents.

I think I might rewatch all 39 of the DualStar films that seems like a good use of my time.

What trope were you as a kid-teen? First I was a horsey girl (sometimes as in horse riding, sometimes as in I pretended I was a horse and took a surprisingly starring role in my school nativity), later I was the RoCk ChIck one (cause I loved hardcore bands like Busted!), I was a hippy (my friend Paige told me in year 7 I was Buddhist which I have no recollection of, and Jack said in year 9 being left wing was my “thing” and I’d always pick up rubbish to recycle it).

The vaccine, the vaccine! Hooray! Although I don’t think of myself as particularly patriotic but I am a little disappointed the Oxford vaccine didn’t get there first.

I miss my Nan so much at the moment, I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year. It’s been such a weird year that sometimes grief is just blended in with the general longing/missing feeling we all have and it’s almost possible to imagine it is just temporary, it’s just 2020.

I am on my friends podcast Art Laughs with Verity Babbs. Unfortunately, in all my social media posts about it I called it “Arts Laughs” and Verity had to message me. Genuinely find it hilarious that I thought it would be “Arts”, like I go to a gallery and I’m like “nice Arts!”.

I have a confession, in 2014 I posted a #nomakeupselfie for charity but the twist is, I was wearing makeup. That’s a barefaced lie.

What are we going to do for Christmas? My suspicion is shops will open after this lockdown but mixing households might be banned til Xmas itself. Show your family you love them by supporting the economy!

Petition to stop adverts using poems.

Also follow @veritybabbsart on instagram for the main action

Merry Christmas 1997! I was actually a method actor even back then as I have clearly taken ket- look at that gurn!

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